Clean water using locked-up CO2

Converting agricultural residues to a stable form of carbon, preventing CO2 from entering back into the atmosphere.

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Solving for clean water and breathable air

Altering nature’s carbon cycle to remove CO2

Carbon is constantly in motion within the natural carbon cycle. Trees and plants absorb carbon from the atmosphere to support their growth. However, as these plants decompose, carbon is released back into the atmosphere, which amounts to hundreds of billions of tons of CO₂ emissions.To address this, CTRL + Z has developed a technology which disrupts this natural carbon cycle and diverts the CO2 emissions.

Carbon removal at scale

CTRL + Z diverts CO₂ emissions from agricultural residue into solidified, stable forms of carbon such as graphene derivatives, we effectively lock carbon from entering back into the atmosphere.

Empowering carbon to recover clean water from industrial effluent

Undo-ing the contamination in industrial wastewater and recovering clean water in a sustainable and low cost manner

Wonder material at play

Our proprietary technology converts agricultural waste to carbon-rich, high-quality graphene derivatives. Often dubbed as the wonder material of the 21st century, graphene's unique properties such as large surface area and tunable chemical properties make it an excellent candidate for water filtration. In common terms, it acts like a sieve at the nanoscle to remove a wide range of contaminants when wastewater is passed through it.

Energy-efficient and low-cost

Annually, the worldwide industrial sector generates over 70 billion tons of wastewater that contains persistent organic pollutants (POPs), including non-biodegradable and highly toxic substances such as dyes, pesticides, and antibiotics.Industrial wastewater that contains POPs is frequently incinerated, resulting in a high expense. Our technology is able to treat these difficult wastewater streams in a low cost and energy-efficient manner.

Reuse water

Wastewater is often looked at a liability, which needs to be treated to be discharged into rivers and oceans. We're here to change that. Water recovery using our technology makes it possible to reuse water in multiple cycles to reduce the water footprint.

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